Wine (n.) A hug in a glass

Our Hand Crafted New York Wines

 Our Red Wines 
Marquette is a dry Marquette aged in oak.  It has a complex oak richness with a long lasting finish.  It is rustic and wild and gets better with age.    

Northern Utopia Marquette is a dry wine aged in stainless steel.   It has subtle notes of black cherry and a mild spice influenced by the tannins in this Merlot style wine.    

St. Croix is a dry earthy red wine.  The wine is a beautiful ruby color with notes of currents and dark berries.                                                                                                

Azul Posse is a semi-sweet blueberry wine.  It has ripe blueberry flavors and aromas.   Close your eyes and envision fields of fresh blueberries while you tempt your tastebuds. 

Divergent is a semi-sweet wine made from Frontenac Grapes.  It is our first carbonic macerated estate wine

Rhapsody is our delicious wine made from raspberries.  The scent and flavor remind you of a fresh made jam that is bursting with flavor!

Marquette Rose is a sweet Marquette that has been pressed off the skins and has a pleasing sweet flavor that provides a nice sweet treat in your glass.

Conquered is a sweet Concord.  Prepare to have your palate conquered by the dragon, this delightfully delicious wine tastes like fresh picked grapes. 

Our Blush Wines

First Crush is a semi-sweet wine made from King of the North grapes.  This is our first estate wine.  It has a nice fruit punch with a little hint of citrus flavor.

Loco Vino is a semi-dry Frontenac Gris.  Honey and melon flavors that will tempt your palate, and drive your tastebuds loco.

White Wines          

Frontenac Blanc is a dry crisp white that dances with a tropical flavor. 

Tenacious is a dry Catawba.  Bursting with green apple flavors, sure to bring some happiness to your tastebuds.

King Cat is a semi-dry Catawba.  It’s a citrusy crisp refreshing wine Warheads, or lemongrass might come to mind.   It is like a grape battle in your  mouth.                                           

Nevaeh is a semi-sweet Brianna.  Apricot, pineapple and tropical honey flavors that will tease your tastebuds and help create a quite and peaceful serenity.                                                    

Angelo Blu is a semi-sweet Diamond.  Intense flavors and aromas of fresh grapes. Our best selling wine.  Won a double gold and Best in Class White Wine at the 2016 NY State Fair Commercial Competition.

Sir Michael LaCresent is a semi-sweet wine. This one is as special as the Angel it is named for. It has a flavor profile similar to a German Riesling, very fruity aromas. Nice apricot and tropical flavors with a kiss of sweetness.

TNA is a sweet Niagara.  This little Darling likes to show off her grapes. Fresh foxy flavors that will please the sweetest palate.