Our Hand Crafted New York Wines

Wine (n.) A hug in a glass

 Our Red Wines 

Chance is a dry wine made with Noiret grapes.  Similar to our beloved family dog, has a bite.  Barrel aged, has notes of green and black pepper and raspberry.                                                                                                        $13

BG is a dry wine made with Baco Noir grapes.  It has a complex woody spice richness with a long lasting finish.  It is rustic and wild and gets better with age.                                                                                                      $13

Busted is a semi-dry made with Leon Millot grapes.  It has dark berry notes and a honey like aroma.                $13

Azul Posse is a semi-sweet blueberry wine.  It has ripe blueberry flavors and aromas, close your eyes and envision fields of fresh blueberries while you temp your taste-buds with this award winning fruit wine.                                   $14

Conquered is a sweet wine. Dare to battle the dragon, and you will be conquered by its sweet fruity flavors.  This award winning wine is made with Concord grapes and not only smells but tastes like fresh picked grapes.                   $12

Our White Wines           

Riesling is a dry wine.    This little darling will gently kiss your tongue with apple notes, and leave you fulfilled with a long crisp finish.                                                                                                                                         $15

King Cat is a semi-dry wine.  The Bold citrusy taste of this semi-sweet white will pounce on you and catch you off guard with intense flavor.  This award winning wine is made with Catawba grapes, that have lemongrass aroma.        $12

Mesmerizing is a semi-sweet wine. She is a sweet little white wine that likes to show off her grapes.  This is a semi-sweet wine that is made with Riesling grapes, with notes of pineapple.                                                            $14

Nevaeh is a semi-sweet wine made with Brianna grapes.  Apricot, pineapple and tropical honey flavors that will tease your taste-buds and help create a quite and peaceful serenity.                                                                       $14        

Angelo Blu is a semi-sweet wine.  This darling little angel is as sweet as she can be.  This is a award winning wine made with Diamond grapes. Intense flavors and aromas of fresh grapes.                                                                  $15

TNA is a sweet wine made with Niagara grapes.  Fresh foxy flavors that will please the sweetest palate.             $12

Our Dessert Wine 

Maepull is a sweet maple dessert wine.  This wine was made from locally produced pure NY State Maple Syrup.  $15