Our Story

"Wine is the only art work you can drink" - Luis Fernando Olaverri.

How it began
Two people very much in love with each other got this crazy idea… Why don’t we learn how to make wine.  To sum up what could be a long story, after some blood, sweat, several swear words, and lots of tears, that my friends, is how Busted Grapes was born.

It has and continues to be our mission to be involved in every aspect of our business by....
· Planting, pruning, and harvesting our cold hardy grapes.
· Building our little rustic winery from the ground up.
· Perfecting our wine recipes to appeal to various tastes.
· Working in our tasting room and taking the time to visit with all our customers that come in.

We want all our visitors to have a memorable, fun experience with the added perk of great tasting wine. Life is sometime hectic, but when you come into our world you will be tempted to forget about the craziness, maybe for just a few wonderful minutes, but sometimes that is all that it takes! Occasionally everyone needs a "time-out", why not let us be a part of yours? We strive to create a feeling of belonging to our family (in a good way). Busted Grapes welcomes not only adults, but also families with their children in tow. Time spent with family is never time wasted. We want to become a part of your extended family. We will be your favorite, crazy, cousins that you always have fun with!

 Come and taste the experience for yourself.